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Climate change and the Arts

About the webinar:

A one hour session with a panel of artists from different disciplines, led by Robin Lyons the Artistic Director of Ergon Theatre, one of the UK’s leading companies making climate theatre.

In this session we will discuss:

  • The main areas we need to consider to reduce carbon footprints
  • The importance of making sustainable work VS platforming the climate crisis
  • How we can have influence as individuals and collectives

Robin is one of the co-founders of Ergon Theatre – a company that makes performance based work about the climate crisis and futures. Ergon wants to make climate science more accessible to people in educational, entertaining and empowering ways. They believe the arts have a huge role to play as a communicating bridge between the science community and the public.

Ergon’s debut show The Wicked Problem premiered on the main stage at Contact during COP26. Ergon are or have been supported by organisations including MIF21, M6 Theatre, HOME, Contact, ARC Stockton, Julie’s Bicycle, Broadway Green Alliance, The Lowry, RFK Human Rights, Bolton Octagon.

About So You Wanna Change the Arts:
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