That’s a wrap on FUSE International 2022!

01.08.2022  |  FUSE International

Thank you to all the artists, audiences, volunteers, backstage teams, sponsors and partners who made this year’s festival possible. It’s been such a blast and we really couldn’t have done it without any of you!

FUSE International 2022 saw over 1000 artists visit Kingston, performing in over 50 events, in 8 venues across the town. They brought the town to life with circus, theatre, music, puppetry, dance and more and helped create new memories for residents and visitors alike.

We’d love your thoughts on the festival – what you came to see, what you enjoyed, what you’d like to see more of and anything we can do to make your experience even better!

If you’re missing the festival already, keep reading as we’ve got lots to get involved with over the next few months.

We really value your feedback and would appreciate it if you could fill out a short evaluation form to provide some quick feedback. Your views and opinions are essential as we continue to expand our programme and bring great arts and culture to Kingston.